Public Health Is Our Community’s Strength

The 77th District is home to one of the world’s great research institutions and I’m proud of my 17 years of work as a biomedical research specialist at the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. The University of Wisconsin-Madison attracts over $1 billion in research funding and ranks 6th in research expenditures among the nation’s research universities. Additionally, the research at UW-Madison has spun off over 360 startup companies that employ nearly 25,000 people and contribute $2.3 billion to Wisconsin’s economy.

There are 99 Assembly Representatives in the State Legislature but we currently do not have a single legislator with any background in biomedical science. Additionally, the Assembly Committee on Science and Technology does not have a single Representative with a background in scientific research.
I’d like to change that.

The investments we make in public health research to improve human health are only of value if we commit to providing our citizens with truly affordable and comprehensive health insurance. No one should fear losing everything because of medical expenses nor should the lack of insurance prevent anyone from pursuing a career of their own choosing.